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Sydney, New South WalesSydney, New South Wales

Capital of New South Wales, Sydney is also the country’s most famous harbour city. One of the world’s most beloved cities, Sydney has a lively and vibrant buzz that makes it the ultimate tourist destination.

Home to a lively arts and culture scene, a stunning harbour and coastal beaches and national parks, world-class shopping experience and renowned food and wine industry, its no wonder that Sydney is a top destination for vacationers from around the world.

Experience the city’s natural beauty and culture around the Sydney Harbour and historic Rocks area. Watch our local representatives score and beat the scrap out of other teams in Stadium Australia and Sydney Olympic Park.

Sydney’s mild climate made it just right for making the dining experience in most of balconies, roof terraces and courtyards found around the CBD a memorable one. Looking for something indulgent? Catch a seaplane to a waterside restaurant at Palm Beach or by the Hawkesbury River and enjoy a delectable meal by the seaside.

And don’t miss out Rockpool, an iconic dining gem, that blends sophisticated classics with Asian flavours.

Blessed with 107 clear days every year, despite the wet but humid climate of Sydney and even if there is no feed-in-tariff in the state, residents continue to invest in solar power. Solar panels not only reduce our carbon footprint, but also offset our power grid usage. The more Sydney-siders we use solar energy, the less they experience our power bill shock.

Solar power is cheaper alternative

With daytime NSW electricity rates up to 35c/kWh, offsetting daytime usage with your own solar power is effectively like having a 35c Feed-in Tariff.

When feed in tariff rates were higher, the incentive was to export as much power during the day as possible by using appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines at night. Now with little incentive to export power, the best strategy is to set timers on these and other appliances and use them during the middle of the day so they run off your solar power and this will mean you won’t be paying the high rates.

Additionally, the fact that panel prices globally have plummeted over the last year means you can now have a 5kW system installed for under $10,000 whereas previously the same system would have set you back between $20,000~$30,000.

Combine these points with the fact that electricity prices have just risen 18% in NSW with more increases expected in the future.

To work out your payback period and returns on you investment, go here – Financial returns and payback periods or check out our new Solar Savings Calculator.

If you have any questions about how to use the formulas or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to ask us a question.

Solar Power in Sydney: Comparing the best solar panel deals

Solar Market are the easiest way to compare affordable deals for solar panel installations in Sydney. As the local solar experts in the New South Wales area, we know the most competitive rates to provide our clients. Get in touch with three solar panel installers, completely obligation free. Three free quotes for the Sydney can be yours with a click of a button.

Sydney’s in a great position to maximise solar power systems. Find out more about solar panels and their place in Sydney below.

Feed-in Tariffs for Sydney residents

Although New South Wales no longer has a guaranteed Feed -n tariff, most retailers still provide a relatively high rate for the electricity you feed back into the grid.

Rates are subject to change and vary across different retailers, be sure to check with your retailer about the rate which you are eligible to receive.

Retail Energy Provider *Current Rate More info
AGL 11.1c Website
Origin 9c Website
Red Energy 11.1c Website
Power Direct 11.1c Website
Dodo 11.6c Website

*Rates updated July 2017

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