Current Solar Power Rebates

Australia has some of the most generous incentives that assist homes and businesses with installing solar power.

Solar incentives in Australia come in two primary forms:

  • An upfront discount on purchase of a solar power system through Small Technology Certificates (STCs) under Australia’s Renewable Energy Target
  • Payment for any excess electricity produced by a solar power system through Feed-In Tariffs paid by Electricity Retailer and some State Governments

Businesses installing solar systems over 100kw are entitled to Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) under the Renewable Energy Target. These form an additional ongoing income stream for the system rather than an upfront discount for STCs.

Otherwise, go to the next page about How Feed-in Tariffs work.


Small Technology Certificates (STCs)– an upfront discount on your Solar System

When you install a solar system, you generate Small Technology Certificates (STCs), which are also referred to as a ‘Government Rebate’. You’ll receive 1 STC for every Megawatt of energy that your system is expected to produce, until the year 2030.

For example, a 5kW system (approx. 20 panels) will produce around 96MWh worth of electricity over the period until 2030. This equates to an entitlement of  96 STCs.

After your system has been installed and the STCs have been registered, the STCs can be sold to recover a portion of the cost of purchasing your new solar PV system.

Given the complexity surrounding creating and selling STCs, it’s common practice to assign the right to create the STCs to your solar installer, in exchange for an upfront discount off the full system price.

STCs currently trade for around $36.5* each, which means you’d receive a $3504 discount off the full, or ‘true’, cost of a 5kW system.

Although many believe this to be a rebate given by the Federal government for installing solar it’s actually a scheme to incentive electricity retailer to invest in more renewable energy.

The end result is that receive a discount on the price of the system purchased from your installer.

• The installer claims the rebate on your behalf and gives you a discount in return.
• There is a small amount of paperwork to complete on signing up and then on the day of installation. The salesperson can guide you through this.
• The rebate is not Means Tested.
• You can claim more than once per property (even if you’ve previously claimed you can expand or replace your system at a later date).
• You can claim on multiple properties.


Large Generation Certificates – an ongoing income stream for solar systems over 100kw

The Large Generation Certificates are formerly known as Renewable Energy Certificates [RECs] and were introduced with the intention of financially assisting large scale renewable energy.  They are the result of the government signing on to various international treaties to
increase the use of renewable energy worldwide.

Here in Australia, there is a set target of 20% renewable by the year 2020.

In the past consumers have paid for RECs as a percentage of their consumption – between 2% and 5%. This revenue was passed on to large scale renewable generators.

Certificates are traded like shares allowing customers on contracts to negotiate the cost of these certificates in the same way they negotiate contract energy prices.

Australia wide incentives

The incentives can vary from state to state.  Click on the state below to read about the local incentives:

*Price as of Dec 8, 2017 for an unregistered STC (ex GST)