Hello 2021! The start of a new year brings new beginnings, new opportunities, new Small Technology Certificate (STC) calculations and new solar rebate prices. Here’s all you need to know about what’s changing in solar in 2021.

Key items:

      • Rebates are reducing in 2021 – get quotes for tailored information on rebate eligibility for your property.
      • STC calculator | the STC deeming period is reducing to 10 in 2021.
      • Not sure what system size you require! Our solar quiz will let you know!
      • A 6.6kw system rebate now varies between $3960-$2893 depending on your zone.

Solar Rebate Frequently Asked Questions solar rebate

Rebates can be a tricky topic of conversation. Here are a few frequently asked questions about solar rebates.

1. By How Much Will The Solar Rebate Reduce By?

As previously explained in our blogs, every year on January 1st solar rebates are reduced. To calculate a solar rebate use the following formula: kW solar system size X deeming period in years x zone rating= the number of STC’s you’re eligible for.

Once you know how many STC’s you are eligible for, times the number of STC’s by $37 as this is the average rate of an STC (STC’s can range from $34 -$40).

Let’s say you are looking at installing a 6.6kw system in zone 1. In 2020 you would have received a rebate of roughly $4357. In 2021 you will receive a rebate of roughly $3960. This is a rebate reduction of $397.

solar home save money2. Is Solar Worth It Anymore?

Yes, because regardless of rebates or feed-in tariffs, solar panel systems allow you to self-generate electricity- meaning you do not have to buy energy from the grid during the day. Solar panel systems are an asset that has a short return on investment and keeps you saving for up to 25 years!

To find out what solar could do for you, head over to our solar calculator. It gives you information on system sizes, return on investment periods and what your new energy bill would look like if you invested in solar.

STC Calculator | Rebate Estimates 2021

Below is a table that estimates the STC’s and rebates available per system size and zone for 2021. These numbers are based on the average STC price of $37 dollars.

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How To Get Solar PanelsHow To Get The Best Possible Rebate

If you are thinking about installing solar the take-home message is to complete your installation sooner rather than later.

With each passing year, the rebate value will decrease leaving you with less financial support for your investment.

If you are after the best rebate possible, Solar Market offers complimentary solar quotes from three CEC accredited solar installers in your area, so that you can get the best information, recommendations and deals.

Ready to start saving? Let’s get you connected with quotes.