Families with 2+ Children Save More With Solar

You’ve no doubt noticed your electricity bill explode as your family has grown but you may be surprised to learn that, on average, according to the government’s own Energy Made Easy website, a family with two children and two adults uses a whopping 50% more electricity than a two adult home. This equates to around $600 extra annually in electricity bills.

In addition to using more electricity, families with children also generally use more power during the day. Kids are home earlier in the day and families with younger children often have a stay-at-home parent. This means that a huge chunk of this extra power usage can potentially be reduced substantially by power generated through solar while the sun is still shining.

Because of these reasons, families with children can often pay for their solar systems in electricity savings years earlier than other households. As quickly as 3 years!


Families of 4 spend $600/year more on electricity than those with just 2 adults


Higher bills + more time spent at home means that families of 4+ pay off their systems faster.

In addition, when buying a solar power system, you qualify for up to 2 different government rebates or incentives, depending on where you live in Australia.

The Small Technology Certificates (STC) program

This incentive usually comes as an up-front discount on the purchase price of the system. Depending on the size of the system, as much as $4,000.

Feed-in Tariffs

This is the money you receive for all unused power generated by your system which is sold back to the grid. This varies based on your retailer and location. Check your rate with your installer.

The best way to get an accurate estimate of what your final purchase price will be (after applying your incentive/s) is to get 3 quotes from local installers.

Once our installers know what kind of system you want and where you live, they can give you all the details you’ll need about incentives and rebates before you make a final purchasing decision.

There’s no obligation to purchase from any of our recommended installers, but it’s a great way to save time shopping around for the best deal for your circumstances.

To get started, fill in the simple form below and our 3 local installers will be in contact to discuss your requirements.

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