Changes are scheduled to happen to the Victoria Solar Homes Program with the start of the new financial year. We break down what’s changing and what we recommend you do. What’s Changing The rebate is set to reduce by $450, bringing the maximum down to $1,400 from $1,850. Solar Modules At the start of the new financial year all solar PV modules being installed must be on the Clean Energy Council’s approved product list AND from a brand participating in the Solar Panel Validation Initiative. The Solar Panel Validation Initiative is an initiative put in place to protect consumers from purchasing dodgy, poor quality solar modules. All the big brand names participate in this initiative, so there are still plenty of brands and options to choose from.

The Solar Rebate is Reducing in Victoria

Solar Batteries There is one more change to be aware of, on July 1 the Victorian battery rebate will reduce from a maximum of $4,838 down to $4,174. What does this mean for you? These changes are a friendly reminder to invest in solar sooner rather then later. Rebates on systems will only reduce and using it whilst its higher is better for your pocket. Start the process by reading up on solar, taking our quiz to see what system you need and comparing 3 free quotes to compare actual prices and installers.

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