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Bendigo, VictoriaBendigo, Victoria

Victoria’s former boom town, Bendigo, is the child of 1850 and 1860’s gold rush that beautifully transformed the region. Boasting with beautiful streets and sceneries, every visit will reveal new surprises and experiences.

The city’s major attractions are diverse and exciting. You can go deep underground in a miner’s cage on an authentic deep-shaft mine experience at Central Deborah Goldmine. Rattle along on our famous Vintage Talking Tram Tour that weaves through the streets of Bendigo, telling wonderful stories of days gone by.

And when you’re done connecting with history, relax in one of the city’s beautiful parks, visit a local winery in Heathcote or cycle the Bendigo Bushland Trail past dazzling flowers, abundant wildlife and famous heritage buildings.

Search and shop for something quirky in the city’s main shopping area, the Hargreaves Mall. Sports fan can check out spectator events like cricket and Australian football held in the Queen Elizabeth Oval.

Bendigo experiences a typically dry and mild summer, with cool to cold winters and receives 109.9 clear days annually. The agreeable climate helps to attract more tourists who want to experience something new. And along with the gradual growth of locals and tourists, the demand for energy consumption is growing as well.

Why choose solar power in Bendigo?

As Bendigo residents become more resourceful, they’re beginning to invest in solar energy, which continues to be a smart alternative.

With power prices expected to rise substantially over the coming years, installing solar is a great way to protect yourself going forward. With system prices at all time lows, you can expect your solar system to pay for itself in less than 5 years.

To work out your payback period and returns on investment, go here – Financial returns and payback periods or check out our new Solar Savings Calculator.

If you have any questions about how to use the formulas or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to ask us a question.

Solar Power in Bendigo: Comparing the best solar panel deals

More Bendigo residents are switching to solar power to fight ever increasing electricity costs. Here at Solar Market, we provide competitive quotes for three solar panel installers in the Bendigo area. We pride ourselves in obtaining the most affordable solar systems deals for our customers. Quit paying those increasing electricity bills and claim your quotes now!

Finding it a little difficult to follow all the changes in solar systems rebates and tariffs? We’ve got all the information for the Gippsland area below.

Feed-in Tariffs for Bendigo residents

Currently in Victoria, the State Government mandates that electricity retailers pay you at least 5c for each kWh you export to the grid. This is available for systems up to 5kW in size and is reviewed annually and adjusted based on the wholesale price of electricity.

While the state government does mandate a minimum 5c/kWh feed in tariff rate to be provided by energy retailers, some retailers do offer higher rates. Do your homework on which retailer can provide you the highest rate to get the best possible deal.

Retail Energy Provider *Current Rate More Info
AGL 11.3c Website
Click Energy 10c -16c Website
Lumo Energy 11.3c Website
Origin 11.3c Website
Red Energy 11.3c Website
Simply Energy 11.3c Website
Energy Australia 11.3c Website
Power Direct 11.3c Website
Diamond Energy 11.3c Website

*Rates updated July 2017

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