Building, Purchasing and Renting

Now might not be the right time for you to be investing in and installing a new solar system, but it is the best time for you to educate yourself.

This is so that when your time arrives, you can make the best decision for you and your household.


If you’re building a new house, you do not need to wait until you move to start meeting with solar suppliers to provide you with quotes. But, you’ll need to ensure that your roof will be completed in three months or less.

As the panels will be roof mounted, the supplier will require detailed information about roof space, pitch, potential obstacles, etc. This important information, along with details about house size, family size and electricity usage will help each supplier provide you with a bespoke quote.

For this, we recommend that your roof be no more than three months away from completion when you come through our system to organise your solar quotes.

If you’ve already submitted your details to us,  will be in touch via email when it’s closer to your roof’s completion.

If your roof roof is less than three months away from completion, fill out the form below and we’ll start the process to get your three quotes from local suppliers.


Whether you’re buying your first house, a new house or an investment property, the process can be long and unpredictable.

A supplier will want to contact you to start the quoting process, when you’re less than three weeks away from moving in or taking ownership.

If you’re purchasing a home that has an existing system and you are interested in increasing the size, adding a battery or both, you will need to wait for a quote until you have full and legal access to the system.

Both increasing the system size and retro-fitting a battery to an existing system will require that a supplier has access to the roof, the house and if possible, the warranty and paperwork for the original install.

If you are less than three weeks away from turning the key at your new front door, fill out the form below and we’ll get organise your three quotes for you, all from local suppliers.

For anyone who comes through our system as a renter, the first step in progressing their request for quotes is to ensure that there is approval from the landlord or property manager.

Aside from having the landlord invest in a solar system for the rental property, they might also consider a Power Purchase Agreement [PPA].

PPA allows for a third party to install a solar system at the residence (with no cost to you), funnel the electricity that is produced to their own network and sell back to your tenant at a reduced rate.

Once approval has been granted, it’s best if the landlord or the property manager requests quotes from our system, adding in the notes section that it’s for a rental/investment property.

If your you are the landlord or your already have interest from your landlord, get stated by filling out the form below and we’ll do the rest by organising three quotes for you