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Want To Reduce Your Electricity Bills?

The best way to slash your ever-growing electricity bills is to upgrade to solar power!

Using the clean, safe, low-cost power of the sun, you could cut up to 75% off your power bills with Solar.

Read on to find out more about choosing an installer and rebates that are available in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and the rest of Queensland.

Solar Market allows you to compare quotes from up to 3 solar installers in your local area. We put you in touch with reliable, Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers who will look at your situation and come up with the best system for your needs. Just complete the simple form and you’ll be contacting by 3 local solar firms who can help you find the system that’s right for YOUR needs.

Get in before prices rise!

If you’ve been considering installing solar panels, now would be a good time to find out if it’s a good investment for you:

  • Systems typically pay for themselves in around 5 to 7 years
  • Returns on investment of 15- 20% per year
  • Slash your electricity bills by up to 75%

Average system prices and rebates:

  System size Average price Current rebate
 1.5kW system – (8 solar panels) $2,500 $1,200
 5kW system – (20 solar panels) $8,000 $4,000

What size system should I get?

With a large amount of sun in Brisbane and Queensland, a significant amount of savings can be made on electricity with a solar system installed. A small 1.5kW solar system will result in approximately 6.3Wh of electricity on average per day, whilst a large 5kW system will generate around 21kWh a day, enough for most households of 3-4 people.

The following table shows what system size you will need for a small, medium and large household.

Small Home Medium Home Large Home
1.5kw system 3kw system 4kw system
6.3kWh ave daily output 12.6Wh ave daily output 16.8kWh ave daily output

Visit our pay back period page and our solar savings calculator to get further information on how long it will take your system to pay for itself.

What feed-in tariff is available?

Although the government no longer offers a feed in tariff for new installations, most energy retailers in Queensland continue to offer competitive feed in tariff rates to their customers.

Retail Energy Provider Current Rate More Info
AGL 8 cents Website
Origin 6 cents Website
Energy Australia 6 cents Website
Click Energy 10 cents Website
Ergon 9.07 cents Website

With Queensland electricity rates steadily increasing, a typical install can pay for itself within 5 years particularly where you have significant day time power usage. With the current average retail tariff rate it is best to utilise as much solar power as possible during daylight hours to maximise savings.

Now is the time to switch to solar

Electricity prices are continuing to rise, whilst panels have come down in price 75% in the last 4 years. Make your switch to solar today!

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