weekly solar roundup 22 june 2020

This week (the 22nd to the 28th of June) we have rounded up some of the exciting and hopeful things happening in solar: NT Rooftop Solar in Schools is Here! 25 Schools in the Northern Territory are getting solar panels installed. This will save up to 40% of their energy costs or 1640 metric tons of carbon emissions annually, which is the equivalent to 354 cars. This is a part of the Territory’s plan to transition to 50% renewable energy by 2030 and its bigger goal of becoming a renewable energy exporter. It makes sense to invest in renewables for the future renewables workforce, plus it provides a unique opportunity for these schools to support innovative school-based science projects. Victoria is to follow as Education Minister James Merlino opened applications for their equivalent program this week. The program will install solar panels on Victorian government schools to reduce emissions, slash their power bills and increase sustainability. Last year they launched a pilot program by installing panels on 42 schools and expanded based on its success. Hopefully more states follow suit shortly as NSW can stand to save $45 million annually by installing solar and LED lighting. Grid Connection Locked in for NSW A grid connection agreement with Transgrid has been locked in for a 720MW solar farm and a 400MWh battery storage system to be installed in NSW. The farm will cost $768 million and will be built in the New England region of NSW, it’ll be one of three renewable energy zones as proposed by the state government. The solar farm will be constructed in stages over the next 3 years and is expected to create up to 700 full-time jobs during its construction plus providing work for local businesses, suppliers and diversifying the income of rural landowners. Canberra Gets First Community Solar Farm Epho, a solar energy developer has signed on to design and construct a 1.3MW community solar farm in Canberra. It’ll be a first for Canberra and will be built in the Majura Valley. Epho joined to create the project with SolarShare, a group of locals who invested in the initiative who will be co-owners. The 1MW community farm will sell its output to the grid for a guaranteed feed-in tariff of 19.56 cents per kWh with the profits (more then $360,00 per year) being returned to investors. The farm will begin being constructed in August and should be completed by the end of the year. All of this is a great reminder that solar is not only a great investment in our nation’s future, it creates jobs and help’s communities. If you’re interested in investing in solar, begin the process and compare 3 quotes here.