This week in solar energy updates, there are a variety of initiatives that are rolling out across all states. It has been good to see that COVID hasn’t disrupted the below solar energy roll-outs across the country.

Solar Energy for WA’s Recovery Plan

As part of Western Australia’s recovery plan, the McGowan Government have announced a $66.3 million dollar renewable energy stimulus designed to kick-start the economy, following the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Elements of the renewable energy recovery plan are as follows.Solar energy updates

  • $56.3 million dollar investment into solar projects including; installation of solar in 500 social community properties, 10 schools installed with a green Virtual Power Plant and 60 bus and rail station solar hubs.
  • 50 standalone power systems and nine Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in Western Australia’s North-West communities.
  • $10 million dollars towards the Clean Energy Future Fund for renewable innovator grants.

Victoria’s Solar Rebates for Landlords

Victoria now has a rebate on solar panels (currently sitting at $1,400) installed for rental properties in a bid to increase rental adoption of energy renewables. In addition to the rebate, Victoria has conveniently announced that $1,400 can be borrowed as a zero-interest loan, meaning that landlords increase their property value while the tenants reap the reduced rates in electricity. The loan is enough to cover a small solar system however a larger 6.6 kilowatt system is recommended for increased benefit and economic return. To discover the right solar solution for your property take our solar quiz.

SA Native Vegetation Aiding The Solar Industry

As part of SA Water’s plan to invest $300 million in solar and energy storage, the state utility is partnering with an environmental organization to revegetate the large-scale solar array arena. Over a tonne of native grass and salt bush seed will be distributed in the solar field as erosion, weed, heat and dust stabilizers – prolonging the lifetime of the solar infrastructure.

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