According to a draft determination by the Queensland Competition Authority, electricity prices are set to increase up to 23 per cent from July 1st.

The Queensland Consumer Authority has laid part of the blame on the Newman Government, who froze electricity prices in order to fulfil their election pledge of keeping prices low. According to the QCA, this led to service charges being too low and usage charges being too high, with low-use customers gaining the biggest price advantage. Changes will better reflect the costs of electricity usage, with low consumption households feeling the greatest effects. Increases have also been attributed to increased network costs and retailer costs.

Under the new charges, the average household’s annual bill will rise from $1184 to $1437. Businesses will experience increases of 12 to 16 per cent.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls blamed the electricity price rises on network costs, the solar scheme and the carbon tax.

“We don’t agree with everything the Queensland Competition Authority says,” he said when asked the state government’s role in the price rises. “We put (the tariff freeze) in place to save Queensland families.”