ABB Inverter Review – Will It Increase Your Savings?

What is a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter is the part of a solar system that converts power from the solar panels (DC electricity) into usable electricity (AC electricity) for your home. It’s the heart of the system and needs to be chosen wisely to maximise energy efficiency and savings.

About ABB:

ABB solar inverter review

ABB is a Fortune 500 company operating in Switzerland, that manufactures robotics, power, electrical and automation technologies. In 2019 they announced they were exiting the solar inverter business, which is when Italian company FIMER acquired them.

Pros of an ABB Solar Inverter:

  • Average of 97% maximum efficiency
  • 5-year warranty with an option to extend
  • Hot water load control
  • Remote monitoring via Aurora Vision
  • A customer support team and office based in Sydney

Cons of an ABB Solar Inverter:

  • Can cause faults on a size range over 5kW
  • ABB can take a while to send a replacement inverter if broken

The Importance of Choosing the Right Solar Inverter:

Installing the correct inverter for your home, budget & lifestyle is crucial to maximising energy production and reducing your electricity bills.

Brands of inverters vary greatly in quality, features and efficiency so it’s important to do research through reading reviews, speaking to CEC accredited installers and comparing quotes.

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